Inspired by the name “Crete”, 
It has more than one story representing many figures in Greek mythology.
The most famous one being Crete, daughter of one of the ancient Greeks, who married Ammon. She was actually said to have given her name to the island Crete.
Also inspired by the color of the crystal lagoons that will be one of the features that will be hammered on during our campaign after the reveal.
Campaign tag line:

Phase 1: Looping Teasers​​​​​​​

Phase 2: Looping Reveal​​​​​​​

On-ground activation (Teasers)

On-ground activation (Reveal)​​​​​​​

Thank you

Campaign Tagline
Creation Brainstorming:
Mahmoud Enayet
Ahmed Biomy
Marina Nabil
Sarah Abaza

Creative Art Direction,
Illustration & motion:
Ahmed Biomy
Agency & Copyrights:


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