Contest by, United Nations, Presentation at: New York.
Participants: 15,300 designers from 190 countries around the world.

Top 3 Winners:
1st place: Predrag Stakić - Serbia
2nd place: Ahmed Biomy - Egypt
3rd place: Nikmak - Greece

"Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself."
Robert Green Ingersoll

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Concept Submitted:

I believe that When it comes to "Human Rights" they are not about only counting them, celebrating, making shows and propaganda .. Human rights are all about "Having" them, and from this point the concept started ..

Because it’s a “humankind” Issue, I meant to keep it direct, clear, and touching all different ages and cultures of “humankind”. I have imagined one poor child of those in “Somalia Starvations” who survives without any of his rights, looking at Aid Van arriving for support with a big “Human Rights” symbol stamped on it. I wanted the symbol to spread it’s all inspiring powers of hug, protection, support, love, and care, like if all the world is under big care, and everyone is hugging (Holding) all of his rights. 

Elyoum7 News:

September - 23 - 2011,

1st and 2nd winners: (Ahmed Biomy - Egypt  / 1st: Predrag Stakić - Serbia)

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