I'm an award winning, Mixed majored design "Joker", I know how to play it when it comes to concept, art direction creation, Also I enjoy using my own hands to craft 2D & 3D or motion graphic executions, I'm graduated from "Applied Arts" with Bachelor's in design & advertising, And DIP's studies in interior design & motion graphics.

As a design leader, my challenge is to own a creative excellence at every touch-point between all design majors to produce a final solid & strong concepts which are self made guaranteed (from A to Z), No copycats, No templates based on design standards and running trends.

Till end of my career, I will always be a passionate student of real-world design, users, consumers, trends and culture. Through listening, learning and mining insights, To fight for work that directs my client's brand into amazing places in the market.

I've pitched & won numerous global projects & design "Awards" over my career, latest was the best design world wide for "Human Rights Logo", 2011 by the United Nations, Presented At New York.
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